Godafoss and Lake Mývatn


IMG_7829This is a post that should have been written about a month ago, right after my parents where here, but as so many things it got lost somewhere in the depth of my brain…. obviously there were more important things to think about… well that’s what I will keep telling myself…

Godafoss is a gorgeous waterfall on the way to Lake Myvatn, it is the ‘Waterfall of the Gods’ and one of my favourites here in Iceland. The story says that in the year 1000 a local chieftain and ‘heathen’ priest Þorgeir Þorkelsson decided that all of Iceland should be Christian to settle the disputes between Christians and those that were still worshipping the Nordic Gods at the historic Alþingi. When coming back from the meeting to Ljósavatn it is said that he threw the statues of the ‘heathen’ gods into the waterfall – which is where the name comes from.

Lake Mývatn is a gorgeous geological area about 1 hour north-east of Akureyri that I actually so far didn’t have the chance to explore all that much. But at the end of July my parents where in Akureyri for a day and I was able to borrow a car from work to show them around. Now please excuse the quality of the following photo, it is almost dark outside (which considering it is almost 21:00 that fact is quite exciting). Yes you read that right it is slowly getting dark again in Iceland, fall is coming!!! But I am getting of topic, on the map you can see the Mývatn area. The lake is fourth largest one in Iceland and there are so many different geological features to see from craters to bubbling mud pools to hot pools (although you have to pay for the one you can actually swim in). It is also one of the places in Iceland where the american and european tectonic plates are connecting or rather drifting apart I think is what they are doing. There you have it though lots of volcanic activity potential. 


We weren’t that lucky with the weather but for that area that’s actually better. Lake Mývatn translated means ‘midge lake’, midges are small flies that lay their eggs in the lake and if it is sunny there are thousands of those out and about. You can actually buy hats with flynets on in the few stores around. So for once, yay for cloudy and rainy weather 😀 First we stopped at Skútustađagígar (if you can pronounce this correctly I am impressed), from where you can take a small walk closer to some old small craters and have a gorgeous view of the lake.

There is really a lot to do around the lake, you can basically stop every ten minutes to do some hiking, just have a look around or try to spot some birds. You don’t even have to follow all the suggestions on the map because it is just so beautiful. We just stopped a couple of times along the road for these following views.

Of course we also stopped at the place where the hot pools are (the ones you are not supposed to swim in because they are too hot, I can’t remember what temperature this one was exactly but definitely a bit over 40°C. Close to there is also where you can see the valley between the american and european volcanic plates, it is not as impressive as in Thingvellir (not spelled correctly because my laptop doesn’t know the right icelandic letter) in the South but still quite cool to see.

Lastly we stopped at Námafjall, a field of hot mud pools where you really realize that this is indeed still a very active area. It is super interesting place to visit, you can walk around between these pools although you are reminded through signs to stay on the ‘paths’ and not get too close. It seems a few people got some serious burns from getting too close to the mud pools.

After that the weather unfortunately got so bad that we decided to just go back to Akureyri instead of exploring some more. We had wanted to drive a bit further to the Krafla area to see Mt Krafla and some of the craters that were formed in the 1975-1984 eruptions. That just have to wait for the next visit 🙂


Outgoings from the last weeks

I finally got around to replying to all the letters that I still had. Over the last two weeks there were 3 letters, two send to the US and one to the UK. I just realised that I actually forgot to take a photo of the second letter that went to the US at the beginning of this week, but it also was send in a map envelope similar to the one to the UK.

The two postcards are both on its way to Germany to my mom (who loves Puffins) and my aunt (who loves Sheep). Sometimes it can be really hard to find postcards that aren’t your typical tourist cards but every now and then it is possible to find gems like these. There are so many of these Puffin designs, I couldn’t resist and bought a few different ones, so if anyone wants a Puffin card from Iceland let me know because as much as I love them I can’t keep them all to myself 😉 I’m probably going to end up buying the other designs as well, just because they are so pretty and even though they are a bit bigger than a normal postcard they are the same price. I also finally got around to buy a few more of the Aurora Borealis stamps which I absolutely adore and plan to use on the next mail that will be send.


Icelandic Triangles

Recently I’ve been having a few more days of and was wondering what I can do with all these paper bits I collected from brochures about Iceland. I’ve been seriously wanting to do some more crafting again, and as I also wanted something to add to a small birthday package for a friend, so I came up with a little Iceland inspired bunting. Even if the triangles aren’t lying completely flat i am quite pleased with the way it turned out.


Since I have a lot of paper bits with pretty images of Iceland I decided to also make some more letter writing paper (that I will only use one side of). These are showing of some more pretty icelandic landscapes that should really convince everyone that they want to come to Iceland 😉


On a completely different note I also started a crochet project because I could not walk past this beautiful yarn. The photo doesn’t do the colours complete justice. I hope this will eventually turn into something like a triangle scarf/wrap to wear. I found the instructions for that pattern online on blog Mrs-Postcard. It is a german blog with lots of knitting and crocheting things and a few free patterns which I am always happy to find. Don’t get confused by the name of the blog, it doesn’t have anything to do with snail mail as far as I can tell… and it also seems like it is not actually used anymore…


DIY: Letter writing paper


IMG_7919Like every other person in the snail mail community I love stationary and letter sets. But I’m in Iceland at the moment where everything is more expansive and I just don’t feel like spending that much money on new stationary. As of last saturday though I run out of the sheets of paper I brought with me from home.So Instead I bought some plain paper and went to work making it pretty. Of course as always it resulted in quite a bit of chaos but it was fun. I’m quite pleased with results 🙂 I tried to make different themes and stick to them for the back and front with three papers per theme.