Icelandic Triangles

Recently I’ve been having a few more days of and was wondering what I can do with all these paper bits I collected from brochures about Iceland. I’ve been seriously wanting to do some more crafting again, and as I also wanted something to add to a small birthday package for a friend, so I came up with a little Iceland inspired bunting. Even if the triangles aren’t lying completely flat i am quite pleased with the way it turned out.


Since I have a lot of paper bits with pretty images of Iceland I decided to also make some more letter writing paper (that I will only use one side of). These are showing of some more pretty icelandic landscapes that should really convince everyone that they want to come to Iceland 😉


On a completely different note I also started a crochet project because I could not walk past this beautiful yarn. The photo doesn’t do the colours complete justice. I hope this will eventually turn into something like a triangle scarf/wrap to wear. I found the instructions for that pattern online on blog Mrs-Postcard. It is a german blog with lots of knitting and crocheting things and a few free patterns which I am always happy to find. Don’t get confused by the name of the blog, it doesn’t have anything to do with snail mail as far as I can tell… and it also seems like it is not actually used anymore…



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