Outgoings from the last weeks

I finally got around to replying to all the letters that I still had. Over the last two weeks there were 3 letters, two send to the US and one to the UK. I just realised that I actually forgot to take a photo of the second letter that went to the US at the beginning of this week, but it also was send in a map envelope similar to the one to the UK.

The two postcards are both on its way to Germany to my mom (who loves Puffins) and my aunt (who loves Sheep). Sometimes it can be really hard to find postcards that aren’t your typical tourist cards but every now and then it is possible to find gems like these. There are so many of these Puffin designs, I couldn’t resist and bought a few different ones, so if anyone wants a Puffin card from Iceland let me know because as much as I love them I can’t keep them all to myself 😉 I’m probably going to end up buying the other designs as well, just because they are so pretty and even though they are a bit bigger than a normal postcard they are the same price. I also finally got around to buy a few more of the Aurora Borealis stamps which I absolutely adore and plan to use on the next mail that will be send.



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