Lofthellir Ice Cave, Iceland


Lofthellir Ice Cave is a 3500 year old lave cave that is located just a bit west of Lake Myvatn here in Northern Iceland. The cave is quite long and there is no natural light coming in once you are in there. Only a few of the chambers are accessible though, but those are absolutely fun. The only way to go and visit the cave is through one of the companies here (Saga Travel). They are the only ones allowed to take people on tours and are also the ones taking care of the cave. It is not possible to visit the cave unless you go on a tour. After trying a few times, we were finally able to join a tour about a week ago. One of my colleagues kept telling us that it was the tour we had to join and he was absolutely right.

The whole year the temperature in the cave stays at about 0°C and there are various Ice sculptures and figures that have formed in there. New ones are still forming and we saw a small one that our guide told us had been forming since he had started doing the tours a few years ago and was still standing. The formations do change over time (of course they do, they are made of ice) and when we went it had just been raining a lot in the days before. That’s why it was actually quite wet in there, but in a few weeks everything should be frozen again.

To get into the cave was a little bit difficult as we had to crawl through a bit of an opening in the rocks. This was only a very short crawl and probably the most difficult part of the tour, even though there were a few other little climbs along the way inside the cave. It was really beautiful to walk through there and at one point we all turned of our headlamps to just listen to the sounds of the cave. It was incredible and felt really peaceful and



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