Stamp envy: New Zealand

This is definitely going to be one of the longer stamp envy posts. New Zealand is one of my favourite countries when it comes to stamps and I still feel incredibly lucky that I lived there for a while (but also incredibly stupid because I didn’t hoard as many different stamps as possible and take them with me when I left). I am still hoping to one day find a penpal in NZ, even though my NZ friends send me cards and letters every now and then I just can’t get enough of the stamps 🙂

Now I though hard about whether to start or end the post with the most obvious ones but figured I’ll start and then I can concentrate on the other ones 😀 The following are the stamps that NZ Post released for all the hobbit movies. Now I have a few of these as maxi cards and have used a lot of them while I was in NZ but I still now wish that I would have bought the mini sheets and kept them for myself. But at the time I was just getting back into snail mail and stamps and didn’t think I’d need them…

Okay so with that out of the way I’ll try to get back to the order I had with the others and go by year. The following are the 2016 stamp releases that I absolutely adore. The Glowworms stamps where released around the beginning of the year and I don’t think I have to say anything else about them, just look at them, they are gorgeous. The year of the Monkey stamps are representative for all of the Chinese New Year stamps they release every year. I do really love the designs but I also just envy the countries that celebrate the Chinese New Year through stamps. Lastly the Matariki Kete stamps, which show the traditional weaving of the Maori. From what I know the NZ post releases stamps related to Maori traditions every year and I really enjoy seeing the designs and learning more about these traditions.

Now in 2015 I particularly liked the seashells (which I have only seen online but still secretly wish for) and the landscape once. Every year the NZ post also releases a beautiful sheet of stamps celebrating Kiwi culture, these are usually for domestic letters or postcards (again if I remember it right) but I absolutely adore them and would collect them all if I could. Representing that here is the example from 2015: Kiwi Kitchen.

To continue with the same structure I had on the last post, here are soem of the gorgeous stamps from 2013 and 2014. Two sets of the Matariki stamp designs (just look at them and you’ll understand). Of course for every ocean/wildlife lover there are the gorgeous Seaweed/algae and Endangered Seabirds stamps. The seabird stamps are especially cool, if you warm them up the silhouette of the bird appears on the stamp. Lastly in 2014 they also had these gorgeous Christmas stamps that I still swoon over whenever I see them.

So thats it for all the beautiful NZ stamps, there will be more in the future I am sure. Hopefully I now made more people love them and wish to one day find a piece of mail from NZ in the mailbox 🙂


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