Finally some send letters

As I mentioned in my incoming letters post I finally wrote some letters (woohoo). The reason for that, apart from more incoming letters, is that I finally have a bit more time and can actually sit down without feeling rushed. So following are some cute froggies on their way to Germany, some ancient ruins on the way to the US and lastly some more Ocean creatures (surprise surprise) also swimming over to the US. Well they will actually be flying (I hope, otherwise it will take a loooong time) as the humpbacks haven’t really gotten around to learning to deliver letters across the Oceans 😀 Now that ocean themed letter as you can see has a bit too much postage on it but I am only two weeks away from leaving Iceland so I kind of am trying to use the stamps I have for the letters I have left to reply to. So I don’t really mind that there is a bit too much postage on the letters. Any way I also just found out yesterday that postage actually increased at some point in September which is a bit sad, sending a letter outside of Europe is now actually 2,20 Euro and within Europe about 1,60 (if I remember what she told me right). In that respect I don’t really mind that I am about to leave Iceland soon because that is quite expensive.





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