Stamp envy: USA

Okay this is probably not so interesting for most since I know a lot of bloggers are actually from the States, but I’m still going to write it because you guys have awesome stamps. Luckily I do have a few penpals in America so I actually get to see quite a few of them on my incoming mail which is great.

Let’s get the most obvious (for anyone that knows) out of the way again 😉 In 2013 there were the absolutely fantastic Harry Potter stamps, I was lucky to receive a four or five of them on incoming mail pieces and every time I saw one just made my day. They are just fantastic and just looking at them know put me in the mood for the movies. (Coincidentally I am actually listening to ‘The Goblet of Fire’ audiobook)


Now on to the ones that were released so far in 2016. There are a few different ones that I have seen on different sites online or already on my mail (thank you Keely) :). I absolutely love that the US always brings out a new ‘heart/Valentines’ themed stamp every year and though I don’t like all of the designs I’ve seen, this one is gorgeous. The Colours are just so bright and stunning and would just brighten up every letter. As a biologist/scientist I of course also love the planets and the national parks as well. All of them are just so aesthetically pleasing that I can’t imagine anyone not liking a piece of mail with those stamps. The pets of course also speak to my inner biologist (or maybe I should just say animal lover), they are fantastic and I love that they included some of the more unconventional ones like the snake, geckos and hermit crab. One of my friends at Uni had a hermit crab as a pet for a while, it was a lot of fun to try to make it change shells by supplying options of different shells. Lastly there are the Soda Fountain Favourites that just make me think of Taylor’s Old fashioned Soda Shop in Gilmore Girls and everything that reminds me of Gilmore Girls is fantastic!!!

I didn’t have that many I liked form 2015 except for the Christmas Charlie Brown ones and the ones with the fruits/veggies (I think those were called something with Harvest…). I can’t remember if I’ve received any of them on my mail, definitely none of the Charlie Brown Christmas stamps but maybe one or two of the others.

2014 on the other hand was a great year of stamps for the US (at least in my opinion). Since 2014 was the year I spend a bit of time in the states I actually managed to collect quite a few of these :). There’s not much to say about the Birds and the Farmer’s Market stamps, they are fantastic! So colourful and pretty, love them. I also really liked the design of the Janice Joplin and Jimi Hendrix stamps even though I probably would not describe myself as a massive fan. The last ones are actually ones that I feel I have to explain. I am not a fan of the Circus, I don’t like the way the animals are treated and haven’t been to a Circus in a while. I also HATE Clowns!!! But I adore old advertisement posters like these so unfortunately I do like the stamps. There should be more vintage advertisement posters made into stamps, especially kind of travel/vacation ones.

These last ones are from a few different years and I can mainly just say that they are all beautiful! I inherited a love for Lighthouses from my Mum so Lighthouses on a stamp are perfect. Again these Love and flower stamps I adore for all the reasons I mentioned before. Lastly I think there have been quite a few different stamps depicting the Cherry Blossom Trees in DC, I don’t actually know why but I do think the stamps are really pretty.


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