Stamp Envy: Australia

Now we come to another country that has the most amazing selection of Wildlife stamps that I was fortunate to spend a bit of time. I will order them more by theme than by year because most of them are just wildlife. Australia is an amazing country and I thoroughly enjoy how the culture and life is represented in the stamps

Bush Babies

Just look at all the adorable australian animals as babies. I just love these stamps so much. They were released in 2011 and 2013 and as far as I know they were the only stamps to this topic.



Here we have a lot of other animal or nature stamps. I do enjoy that they also feature the less cuddly ones in the ‘Things that Sting’ stamps. There are of course a lot of other nature themed stamps form Australia but I do like these ones a lot.


Australian Culture

The following stamps are all kind of showing australian culture. I love the Road Trip Australia stamps, they are just so colourful. I am not sure when they were released but I think it was at some point around 2013/2014. I actually didn’t see the Aussie Alphabet stamps until I was looking up stamps from Australia but just take a look at them. They are amazing and fantastic illustrations.  Boats and Lighthouses are also always amazing on stamps. And you can’t go to Australia without at least reading about the song ‘Walzing Mathilda’. I haven’t heard the other songs before but again just look at the beautiful stamps. The colours are fantastic. These stamps came out in 2014.


Australia is also one of the country that I thing has maxicards for every new stamp release which is amazing in my opinion. I love the aesthetics of Maxicards and just enjoy seeing them.


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