Postcrossing again

Now that I am back in Germany I can finally use my postcrossing account again. I know that a there are quite a few people that aren’t as happy with postcrossing anymore, mainly because of the variety of countries that you receive postcards from. But I still really enjoy it, maybe because since I started every year I was forced to take a little break varying from 2-6 months when I was in a different country. A couple nights ago I was really motivated to write some postcards so I requested a few addresses. In the end I requested 8 addresses and I was pleasantly surprised that I did not end up with cards going to the same country. I don’t mind if that happens but this was a really fantastic variety of countries with a couple that I’ve never send to before. The cards you see in the photos went to: Luxembourg, Russia, Germany, USA, Belarus, Argentina, China and Finland. Both Luxembourg and Argentina are countries I’ve never send a card to before and I don’t think I send a lot of cards to Finland before. Β I am also quite excited about sending these cards because most of them I knew instantly what to write on the back. Do you know that feeling when you read a profile and you just know you have the perfect card and story to write on the back, to me that always happens when I see someone loves Harry Potter cards but I was also happy to send the seal and the Northern Lights card of to a new home. With this batch of postcards I also used up almost all of the stamps I still had so I get to order new ones (YAY :)). I did go to the postoffice but we only have a very small one and they don’t have a lot of variety.



7 thoughts on “Postcrossing again

    1. Postcrossing is so much fun you will love when your first postcards appear in the mailbox. When it comes to what to write on the card there is really no rule to it. I tend to check if there is anything in the profile that I can comment on (does the person like to read, favourite movies, like to travel…). If thats not the case I just write a bit about myself and where I am from. I’ve written a recipe on a card before as the person wrote that she loved cooking. But since I also decorate my cards quite a bit sometimes the message is a bit short. You can also write about the card itself or why you chose this particular card. The possibilities are endless πŸ™‚ It’s really all up to you but I would definitely recommend to fill the card as it is just no fun to receive something where the sender only wrote Happy Postcrossing. Hope this helps a little bit πŸ™‚

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      1. Thank you!! I just know the persons probably not going to write back so I don’t want it to be like a letter, hi, how are you? Blah blah, so it’s weird to just start off like oh, conversation!


      2. Yeah it is a bit different but you can still ask questions if you want and the person might answer them in the thank you message. After you have written a few cards and received some and you see what other people write it won’t be weird anymore πŸ˜‰

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      3. Yeah some people really send thousands of postcards but everyone started at some point πŸ™‚ There really is no difference and sometimes you notice that the people that have just started put more effort into the cards then those that have send thousands of them.

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