Stamp Envy: Singapore

A country that always seems to issue some beautiful and colourful stamps as well as a lot of variation within the stamps is Singapore.

All of these colourful stamps were released this year and I honestly don’t know to much about them. Of course the monkey stamps are for the Chinese New Year and I’m not sure but I think I might have mentioned it before, I envy countries that celebrate Chinese New Year. In Germany we don’t have that big of a Chinese/Asian community that it is celebrated (at least as far as I know). The stamps on the top right show some treats from Singapore. I don’t know what they are and have never tried them but most of them look tasty. I also don’t know exactly what occasion the stamps on the bottom right were released for but they are beautiful.

These stamps that came out in 2015 are very quickly described: I love Nature and that’s what they show! All of these are great designs and I especially love the ferns and the garden ones on the bottom right.

These stamps were released in 2014 (though I think the joined issue stamp with Egypt is older). They are all very cultural though showing traditional trade occupations and depicting stories. The designs are great though, especially the Kusu Island ones with the giant turtle.


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