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Have any of you ever tried any subscription boxes? I’ve first heard about book subscription boxes (or any subscription boxes for that matter) several month ago through some book blogs and I’ve been intrigued from the beginning. But there are a lot of different boxes and most of them ship from the US so shipping is very expansive. But I love books and I love different fandom stuff (especially if it is related to Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Jane Austen or Disney), so yes these boxes have me really intrigued. At some point in August I saw that two boxes announcing the themes for their boxes and finally decided to try them out. The first box I bought was the’My Bookish Crate’ and the other one the ‘LitCube’ box. Since I didn’t get back until a bit over a week ago of course I had to wait a bit longer to unpack and see if I liked them. And since this is kind of snailmail I figured I share them with you, in case you have ever thought about getting a subscription box. Just to warn you know, this is a bit of a long post.

So lets start, first the ‘My Bookish Crate’ box. The theme that month was Harry Potter and they had the different houses available. At that moment in time I had not done the house sorting on Pottermore (yes I know I’m a nerd but I’m okay with that) so I ordered the Gryffindor box. Later when I did the house sorting I found out I’m actually a Hufflepuff which I am pretty happy with as well 🙂 This was what I found in the box: a Hogwarts Letter (yay I finally have mine), a tote bag, a mystery funko which was Draco, a Gryffindor bookmark, a print with the great Hermione quote, a bookish candle which smells quite nice and of course the book Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Everything that can be used has already been used and everything that can be displayed has found its place 🙂 And yes I have read the book and loved it! I was really happy with everything and even though I haven’t ordered another box from them, if there comes another theme I like and I have money I might order it again.


The theme for the LitCube box was ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and as mentioned before I love Disney and this has always been my favourite one. I always thought if I would be a Disney Princess I would be Belle and I honestly cannot wait for the new movie to come out. Have you seen the new trailer? It’s fantastic!!! But I get distracted. Upon opening the box I found the red box that can be used for different things, a metal bookmark, a necklace with Beast’s rose, a cinnamon pretzel, the book, which was Beauty by Caroline Lee and a signed bookmark by the author. I haven’t read the book yet but it sounds like a nice romance novel. It is a special edition for a box with a few extra chapters in the back about other characters from the series. Not sure how I feel about reading what seems to be the third book in the series first but maybe if I enjoy it I get the other ones as well. Overall I quite liked the box though I expected a bit more. Especially the quality from the necklace could be a bit better in my opinion, I like the idea, but when I opened it the pendant had actually fallen off. It was easy to put back on but I’m not sure how often I will wear it. Not sure how the pretzel fit in the theme (maybe it has a connection to the book) but it was tasty. I really like the metal bookmark and the box is really pretty although I would have preferred the hinges to be on the inside. Overall I did quite enjoy it. I will be getting the November box as well (the theme was Sorting Hat, so not a surprise that I will get it), but since it is not the cheapest box as well I probably won’t get another for a while. I’m very excited to see what’s in the next box though.


Lastly I didn’t just order the two book boxes I did buy quite a lot of books online as well as buying three on my travels as well as getting 3 for my birthday. So these should last me for the next few weeks. Still I managed to also borrow 4 more books from the library and bought two other books when I was shopping yesterday… Yes I know I have a problem but I’m fine with that 😀 If you’re interested to see which ones I bought/ordered, here you go. I also bought the mug which I absolutely love and it now holds my book marks. Now that I’m looking at this photo I’m wondering how is it decided if the title is printed from bottom to top or from top to bottom on the spine… is it depending on the publisher or something else…


I just have one last thing, I’ve been thinking of maybe adding book related posts more to this blog, not really reviews more like little updates of what I’m reading. Let me know if you are interested in reading posts like that.


2 thoughts on “Book subscribtion boxes

  1. I was subscribing to the Book Riot boxes for a while, but ended up canceling. Yes, I got a book or two I really liked, but also a fair amount of stuff I already had, and some junk I don’t even consider regiftable. The price is too high for that; I could just “surprise” myself with things I like! 😉 I’m sure there’s a better, more personalized system out there, but I haven’t found it yet.

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    1. I haven’t even heard of those boxes, but I definitely saw a few that are quite expansive. For me it’s just that shipping is so expansive that it is not possible to get one every month. I’m really glad I tried it out though. Plus I got my November litcube yesterday and loved it 🙂 I think my problem would be that of course it is easier (well cheaper anyway) to get a 3 or 6 months subscription but then there are so many themes that I might not enjoy and I don’t want to be disappointed by something I pay a lot of money for. Maybe in the future if there is a theme I really like I get another one but for now I’m happy I tried these two out.

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