Happy mail days

I received some lovely mail in the last week or so. First of there are these two lovely letters from the USA. Getting letters from these two ladies always puts a smile on my face. Well getting letters or postcards from any of my penpals usually makes the day better so you know what I mean 🙂

Aside from these two letters there were also two postcards. One that my parents send from their trip last weekend and then my first postcrossing card after all these months of inactivity. The postcards have been arriving so quickly at the moment, it’s awesome. Though I do expect that to slow down as december is coming around. The postcrossing card is from Greece and it’s the first time that I received a card from there through the site so that is exciting.

Lastly I ordered some new stamps a few days ago and they already arrived today. I’m really impressed as I just got the email that the order was sent yesterday. So these include the Europa 2016 stamps from Germany, some more lighthouses, a new stamps from the microworlds series and stamps showing Sanssouci palace. As always I also got a few more of the flowers to be able to mix up stamps to get the right postage I need. I’m excited to use these soon 🙂 I actually wrote a letter earlier, just need to figure out how much postage it needs since it turned out a bit bigger and heavier than usual.



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