Cheshire, Great Britain

After the Lake District I drove to Cheshire to visit a very dear friend. We first met up at Tatton Park in Knutsford (yes that is the name of the town, I didn’t want to believe it either). After getting lost about three times I finally found the spot we wanted to meet at. This started of a long weekend of british wildlife, so great. I really started to appreciate european wildlife again. Tatton Park encompasses about 1000 acres which is roamed freely by herds of deer. You can also visit the old Mansion, but we only walked around for a bit before it got dark. It was beautiful and we saw a lot of deer. Both red dear and fallow dear. Just look at all those antlers, super impressive. I have never seen fallow deer and to show of how much of a geek I am, my first though as we saw the stag was that it looks like Harry Potters Patronus. They have such a light colouration and are really beautiful. At the moment it is rutting season and we actually got to see this one big male with it’s herd of females chasing of another male. It was the first time I heard this bellowing sound they make and it was so impressive. We were really careful when we walked past the herd as they were on both sides of the trail and we didn’t want to spook them. Of course then other people came with a dog, but it was fine. I guess they are used to people around.

On the next day we went one a long walk/hike (I think it was about 7km) in the area around Beeston Castle. Again since November is the beginning of the winter season the castle ruins were closed but we could see them the whole time during the walk. My friend had a walking guide book and we were following this one route, constantly looking out for different markers and points were we had to make a turn. The signs for the paths were pretty well but as we walked along the canal and then crossed several fields we had to look very closely in some spots to get the turns right. We saw quite a few different birds, lot of moorhens along the canal and later on some Pheasants.

Cheshire is a beautiful area that I probably would never have thought to travel to if I had not had someone to visit there. All the little towns and village were so beautiful as well and it really is not far away from Manchester Airport so it is easy to get there.


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