Look through my Smash Book


If you live in America and are a crafty person you probably know all about these Smash books. I first discovered them about 2-3 years ago and picked one up when I was in America in 2014. I have always loved scrapbooking but have no time anymore to put together a full photo album for everything I do. Plus these photoalbums take up a lot of room. So over the last two years I have been using my Smashbook to put all my little papery keepsakes that I collect on my adventures. Now it is almost full, there are a couple of pages left but I have an idea what to put on most of them so it will be completely full soon enough. I absolutely love the way it looks.


I figured I share with you some of my favourite pages while also remembering all the fun times. Most of them are double pages but some are single like the one on the bottom left from the Harry Potter Exhibition and all my visits to the Zoo.

The pages I made while in Namibia are probably my favourites, there are so many bits on there that some have to be folded out or open up. Otherwise these feature trips to London, Dublin and my most recent one to Britain, visits with friends, Christmas and of course some whales 🙂


Christmas mail is never late

Do you know this feeling that you are pretty sure you’ve send the cards out in time that need to be send early but then you notice that you’ve forgotten one that also needs to travel to the other end of the world and it is two weeks before Christmas so there is no way to get there in time. Well it happens to me every year and I also always end up getting a couple of cards after Christmas. But in my opinion it doesn’t matter if the card is late because it is just lovely to get it 🙂 I just received a card from a good friend featuring what looks like a Pohutakawa to me but might be a Hawaiian variant of that tree. I have all my Christmas cards displayed on my window sill among a few other knick knacks.


Since this is kind of incoming mail related I also have two postcards that I received and forgot in my last mail posts. They came through postcrossing and arrived from Russia and Malaysia. It’s my first card from Malaysia and the stamps are quite pretty. I also today received another card from Russia with a beautiful painted autumn forest and the Coca Cola card which came from Taiwan.

Owlcrate Box December

Owlcrate is another book subscription box that I’ve been loving from afar from a while. Unfortunately it is just too expensive with shipping so I’ve never got it before even though there were a few really cool sounding themes and boxes that looked amazing. When I heard of the theme for December though I had the brilliant idea to put it on my Christmas wishlist and give my sisters a little hint that it would make me really happy to get it. Even though I knew my sister got the hint, the owlcrate team did say from the beginning that the boxes might not reach all countries in time for Christmas due to shipping times. I was still hopeful that I would get it, even if it would be late.

On Christmas Eve I couldn’t have been happier to find this little box under the tree


Of course it was wrapped but I couldn’t take a picture that night due to Christmas excitement 🙂 The box included  a lot of awesome things. The theme for the month was Epic and I had read that it would include items featuring: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and Game of Thrones. That was the reason why I really wanted the box, I love the first three and once I get back into it will love Game of Thrones again.

Let’s get to the fun stuff 🙂 The box included a Harry Potter Mystery Mini Figure (I got Hermione, yay), a fantastic Lord of the Rings Pin that I can’t wait to wear even though I usually don’t wear pins, a beautiful Narnia Greeting Card featuring Lucy and Mr Tumnus when they meet first, a set of 4 Game of Thrones coasters, a sticker with a quote from A darker shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab (a book I really want to read soon) and of course the book. The book is called Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulthurst and sounds really intriguing. Overall I am really happy with that box and just wish that shipping wouldn’t be as expansive because the theme for January sounds pretty great too. It’s Classic Remix and apparently features things related to classic children stories.


I apologize again for the lighting in the photos. Aside from this box I got a few other books (the illustrated Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook and Hamilton the Revolution), new paint brushes and a cool Aladdin the musical tote bag for Christmas. All really awesome stuff 🙂

Shark Socks


A couple months ago my sister send me a facebook message for something she’d like to get for Christmas from me. Not for me to order but to actually make – crocheted shark socks!!!! My first thought was ‘how am I supposed to make these’ since I’ve never crocheted socks before…. At that point I was still in Iceland so I thought I’ll wait until I get back to Germany and try to figure it out then.

Eventually I got back to Germany and still had no clue but was determined to try. Around the beginning of December I finally had the yarn and thanks to my mum a little booklet on how to crochet socks. Without that I would have been lost. It still took me until the night of December 23rd to finish the pair of socks but it actually turned out quite nice, not perfect but I’m so happy with the result. The best thing though was my sisters face when she opened the box as she didn’t expect me to actually make them.


Long overdue incoming mail

Merry Christmas everyone!!!! It’s the second day of Christmas and I finally have a little bit of time to do something that is not Christmas related. To be honest Christmas this year has been super stressful and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I usually do. I did have all my Christmas cards send out early but organizing presents this year was really stressful… my time management was just really bad this year. I had a great Christmas Eve though don’t get me wrong. The actual Christmas was great 🙂 But that’s not was this post is about, this post is about the beautiful mail I received in the last couple of weeks.

I received quite a few letters and they were all amazing and beautiful and super thoughtful. Sorry about the lighting of the photos, it’s just dark already and I can’t seem to get stuff done before it turns dark. Okay so I didn’t get mail from a lot of different people (which is actually good because I am super behind with replying) but look at all the prettiness. Okay so featured here are two awesome letter from Emma(Puddle side musings), two just as awesome letters from Keely(mailbox mermaid), a Christmas card from a german penpal as well as one from my sister and a Wedding Invitation. The jungle themed letter from Keely had a little sticker on the address label as I just noticed, apparently the zip code was missing one number, but thankfully the post office isn’t stupid and they figured it all out. I also love all the stamps from the States and Ireland.

Christmas mail send out into the world

It’s only one week till Christmas and I can happily say that all my Christmas mail has been send off into the world early enough that hopefully it will get there in time. The two letters with the blue/white colours were actually send at the beginning of december and where more Advent Mail but since I forgot to post them earlier here they are now. I wrote and send a lot of Christmas cards this year but I didn’t take photos of all of them, mainly because the envelopes all look very similar as I used this years german Christmas stamps and just decorated them with my Christmas Washi. Overall about 22 cards where send all around the world and I’m pretty proud that I was organised enough that the ones with long travel times were send out relatively early. No cards should arrive after Christmas if the mail system doesn’t screw up 😉

I debated on whether or not to show the cards I made now or later but I’ll just add them now. A few of them I used paper/stickers to make them but I also made two paintings that I then scanned onto my computer and printed on photopaper to make my cards. Again I forgot to take photos of all the cards until most of them were already in the envelopes and send off, but here is a sample of them. The Christmas whale was send to friends from University and Work that also love the ocean and I felt they would appreciate this card. I also send out 4 of these Hobbit Christmas cards to a few friends and penpals that love Tolkien as much as I do 🙂

More December postcards

It’s been a very good mail month so far. Just as the last postcrossing post went up I already received more. Well I also send some more postcards as postcrossing and the german post have partnered up again. For each postcrossing card send from Germany in December the Deutsche Post will donate 10 cents to Stiftung Lesen (Reading foundation). It’s a really great thing that they have been doing for the last couple of years already and every year more and more postcards are send.

The other great thing is that I reached 200 send postcards and I’m 1 postcard from 200 received ones 🙂 It feels like such an accomplishment.

Lets start with the cards. This batch of postcards included an envelope from Canada with these 3 great cards from British Columbia and a lot of stamps. Not only on the envelope but this postcrosser actually send me a few stamps extra which is really nice. The only sad part is that he didn’t write his message on one of the postcards but on an extra scrap piece of paper. I’d much rather have the message on the card.


Furthermore I also received 4 cards from Russia, Germany, Netherlands and my first card from Norway. I love the card from Russia depicting the ice on Lake Baikal. The colours are just stunning My first card from Norway is this Pirate Maxicard. The sender told me that the pirate depicted is a character from a theme park that all the kids in Norway love.


Lastly the cards I send out into the world 🙂