Formby, Great Britain

While I was in Britain we spend on day driving to Formby on the west coast of Britain, a little bit north of Liverpool. We mostly went to see the Red Squirrels but started our walk on the beach. The beautiful gorgeous North Sea like beach even though technically it is the Irish Sea. It still made me as happy as every time I walk along a North Sea beach with the fantastic dunes and the amazing sea air blown in by the wind. Of course it was really windy as it has to be on a North Sea beach, it was perfect. Along the way we discovered these adorable birds which we later determined to be Sanderlings.


As we made our way back across the dunes we slowly got closer and close to vegetation and eventually ended up in a pine tree forest were we did our best to spot some Red Squirrels. Red Squirrels used to be very common in Great Britain, until the introduction of the North American Grey Squirrels. The Grey Squirrels utilize the same food source and as they are bigger they need more. Plus they are more efficient than the Reds so this led to a strong decline in the Red Squirrel populations. Formby and the surrounding area are one of only 17 Red Squirrel strongholds in Great Britain and therefore a very important habitat. After walking around for a little bit we spotted the first squirrels. But the highlight came as we wandered further along and sat down for our lunch in a part that was a bit more quiet. We went on e Sunday so of course there were a lot of people out and about. After only a few minutes we saw the first squirrels and we ended up having some close encounters with the squirrels coming less than a meter towards us. There were at least 5 of them hanging out in that part of the forest. The only problem was that my camera was confused with the lighting and the quick movements, these squirrels just wouldn’t hold still. But I managed to get one really great shot that made the wait and all the failed tries worth it.


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