Postcrossings coming my way and making me hungry

The last week has been very successful for postcrossing. I received several postcards, three from postcrossing and one from my parents. My parents went on a little weekend trip to Augsburg and send me a card from the Christmas market which looks fantastic. The three postcrossing cards where really cool, two were from Japan and both showed me some delicious looking food. They also instantly made me want to go out for Sushi. Sadly we don’t have a Sushi place close by so that has to wait. The Doctor Who card came from the USA and I love it. I really enjoy the tv show and it’s been a while since I watched it, so receiving this card actually made me start rewatching it.

The cards all had great stamps as well, especially the Japanese stamps are great. One postcrosser made me super happy by adding the little Bnjamin Bunny stamp to the card. Isn’t he adorable!!!


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