Shark Socks


A couple months ago my sister send me a facebook message for something she’d like to get for Christmas from me. Not for me to order but to actually make – crocheted shark socks!!!! My first thought was ‘how am I supposed to make these’ since I’ve never crocheted socks before…. At that point I was still in Iceland so I thought I’ll wait until I get back to Germany and try to figure it out then.

Eventually I got back to Germany and still had no clue but was determined to try. Around the beginning of December I finally had the yarn and thanks to my mum a little booklet on how to crochet socks. Without that I would have been lost. It still took me until the night of December 23rd to finish the pair of socks but it actually turned out quite nice, not perfect but I’m so happy with the result. The best thing though was my sisters face when she opened the box as she didn’t expect me to actually make them.



3 thoughts on “Shark Socks

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