Christmas mail is never late

Do you know this feeling that you are pretty sure you’ve send the cards out in time that need to be send early but then you notice that you’ve forgotten one that also needs to travel to the other end of the world and it is two weeks before Christmas so there is no way to get there in time. Well it happens to me every year and I also always end up getting a couple of cards after Christmas. But in my opinion it doesn’t matter if the card is late because it is just lovely to get it 🙂 I just received a card from a good friend featuring what looks like a Pohutakawa to me but might be a Hawaiian variant of that tree. I have all my Christmas cards displayed on my window sill among a few other knick knacks.


Since this is kind of incoming mail related I also have two postcards that I received and forgot in my last mail posts. They came through postcrossing and arrived from Russia and Malaysia. It’s my first card from Malaysia and the stamps are quite pretty. I also today received another card from Russia with a beautiful painted autumn forest and the Coca Cola card which came from Taiwan.


2 thoughts on “Christmas mail is never late

  1. Wonderful “haul,” and I agree on the never late idea. Celebrations seem to end so abruptly, so I never mind having something to enjoy after the actual day, whether Christmas, my birthday, or whatever! Let the joy last!

    In Hawaii, that blossom is known as lehua. 🙂

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