Look through my Smash Book


If you live in America and are a crafty person you probably know all about these Smash books. I first discovered them about 2-3 years ago and picked one up when I was in America in 2014. I have always loved scrapbooking but have no time anymore to put together a full photo album for everything I do. Plus these photoalbums take up a lot of room. So over the last two years I have been using my Smashbook to put all my little papery keepsakes that I collect on my adventures. Now it is almost full, there are a couple of pages left but I have an idea what to put on most of them so it will be completely full soon enough. I absolutely love the way it looks.


I figured I share with you some of my favourite pages while also remembering all the fun times. Most of them are double pages but some are single like the one on the bottom left from the Harry Potter Exhibition and all my visits to the Zoo.

The pages I made while in Namibia are probably my favourites, there are so many bits on there that some have to be folded out or open up. Otherwise these feature trips to London, Dublin and my most recent one to Britain, visits with friends, Christmas and of course some whales 🙂


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