First Postcrossings of 2017

So far 2017 hasn’t been to good for in terms of snail mail. Even though I have about 5 letters to write I haven’t really felt like sitting down and actually writing them, but I’m hoping to write one or two over the weekend.

A couple days ago I did write a few postcrossing cards which was a lot of fun as always. These cards went to Germany, USA, Portugal, Netherlands and the Czech Republic. The envelope went to a postcrosser in Germany as I had a couple of cards from her wishlist and couldn’t decide so I send both as well as some old giftcards (as she mentioned that she collects those). I just put all the cards in the mailbox yesterday afternoon and surprisingly the letter to Germany already arrived. It’s surprising how quick mail within Germany can be sometimes. For some reason I had received two cards more than I send but in am now back to the same numbers on each.  I’m looking forward to seeing some new postcrossing cards in a couple of weeks.



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