Halfbloodprints Monthly Subscription

Hey everyone, as you might have noticed I got sucked into the world of subscription boxes and am actually trying out a few different ones that seem really cool. This one is like an art subscription and includes a print, a bookmark, a magnet and a sticker each month. You can also get a version that includes a shirt but of course that is a little bit more expansive. I actually decided to try this out in November because for November it was Lord of the Rings themed. Sadly I didn’t figure out until sometime in December that I was actually too late for the November one. But I got over it. The theme for December was Sherlock and pretty cool as well. It arrived in this beautiful bookish envelope but everything inside was actually packaged in cardbord again. I really  enjoyed everything that was included even though I am not the biggest Sherlock fan. I’ve only read one book,  watched the movie and a couple of the tv series episode. The sticker was like a little calender so it could actually be included in a planner/journal or notebook. The quotes and design on the print and the bookmark are pretty nice as well.

I got a three month subscription and I’m hoping that january and february will be themes I like as well. Oh and if you were wondering I did buy it myself


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