February Favourites

February is already over, how did that happen!!!! Well these are my favourites for the month. I didn’t get around to doing much in terms of reading/watching movies or tv as I worked a lot but I enjoyed those I did get to read or watch I enjoyed a lot.


  • This is a book that I actually haven’t finished yet but I really enjoy it. It’s a biography about Beatrix Potter by Linda Lear and it’s so interesting to read about her life. There is so much that I didn’t now before. This is my bus/work break book so it’s taking me a bit to finish but I enjoy taking my time to get through it.



  • This is an old favourite that I rediscovered at the beginning of the month. As you might have noticed from my January favourites post, I love musicals and at the beginning of February I randomly stumbled about my Aida soundtrack and ended up listening to it for about two weeks.



  • Around the middle of February the movie Hidden Figures started showing in cinemas here in Germany and it is such a great movie. The story is so interesting and I would definitely recommend the movie.




February Happy Mail Incoming

The last few weeks have been fantastic mail weeks. I received a lot of postcrossing cards, though now I am once again at a point where I have received more than I send. That should even out soon though as there are still several cards travelling to their new homes. These cards arrived from France, Malaysia, Russia, Slovenia and the US. I particularly like the whale (of course) and the ‘I ❤ my planet’ card from France. This card is really cool as it comes from a company that donates 5% of the sales from the cards to environmental educational programmes.

All these cards had really nice stamps on the back as well. As always I  find the selection of different stamps fascinating.


My mailbox was also filled with three letters from my lovely penpals. They arrived from Great Britain, America and Germany.


Lastly I received a sticker order from Australia that made me happy before I even opened it. Just look at all these pretty flower stamps!!! I just love it when someone uses stamps even for higher postages instead of getting the maschine printed ones.


Late Winter Wonderland

On the weekend Winter suddenly came back. Waking up on Saturday morning I looked out of the window and everything was white. More snow than we actually had so far this winter. So of course a little walk through the snow was in order. Aside from quite a few Snowmen that were already build I also saw a heron in the field. Sadly the snow really didn’t last very long but while it was there it was quite beautiful.

First week of February mail

I am slowly getting over my snail mail slump. All the letters that have been lying around for a while have been answered now and are on the way to my penpals. And for two of them I already have received a reply so I can just keep writing.

Lets start with my outgoing letters, one went of to the USA and the other one is on its way to Indonesia. I also send of 5 more postcrossing cards but got them to the mailbox before taking a photo, my scatterbrain doing its best again 😀


On the incoming front I’ve got a two gorgeous letters. One coming from Keely in America and the other one from Emma in Ireland. The way Keely wrote my name is so pretty. And look at all the stamps. I love both this beautiful storefront stamp from Ireland as well as the Love cloud and Penguins from the US.  I also got a postcrossing card from Germany. Sadly as I hate Onions this is not one of my favourites.


Crocheted Shawl

About a month I finally finished this shawl that I had been working on for a good 4-5 months I think. I bought this yarn in Iceland because I loved the colours in it and even started and got through a good portion of it. You might have seen some of my progress photos which I think added to a couple of posts. But then Christmas came around and my main focus (crochet wise) was on the shark socks I made for my sister. After that I needed a little break from crocheting. In January I got back to it though and finally finished my existing project. I didn’t come up with the pattern myself but since it has been so long since I started on this I also can’t remember which website I found the pattern on. This shawl turned out really nice though and it quite warm so it’s perfect for when it gets a little bit cold but I don’t want to put on a big sweater.