First week of February mail

I am slowly getting over my snail mail slump. All the letters that have been lying around for a while have been answered now and are on the way to my penpals. And for two of them I already have received a reply so I can just keep writing.

Lets start with my outgoing letters, one went of to the USA and the other one is on its way to Indonesia. I also send of 5 more postcrossing cards but got them to the mailbox before taking a photo, my scatterbrain doing its best again 😀


On the incoming front I’ve got a two gorgeous letters. One coming from Keely in America and the other one from Emma in Ireland. The way Keely wrote my name is so pretty. And look at all the stamps. I love both this beautiful storefront stamp from Ireland as well as the Love cloud and Penguins from the US.  I also got a postcrossing card from Germany. Sadly as I hate Onions this is not one of my favourites.



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