February Happy Mail Incoming

The last few weeks have been fantastic mail weeks. I received a lot of postcrossing cards, though now I am once again at a point where I have received more than I send. That should even out soon though as there are still several cards travelling to their new homes. These cards arrived from France, Malaysia, Russia, Slovenia and the US. I particularly like the whale (of course) and the ‘I ❤ my planet’ card from France. This card is really cool as it comes from a company that donates 5% of the sales from the cards to environmental educational programmes.

All these cards had really nice stamps on the back as well. As always I  find the selection of different stamps fascinating.


My mailbox was also filled with three letters from my lovely penpals. They arrived from Great Britain, America and Germany.


Lastly I received a sticker order from Australia that made me happy before I even opened it. Just look at all these pretty flower stamps!!! I just love it when someone uses stamps even for higher postages instead of getting the maschine printed ones.



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