February Favourites

February is already over, how did that happen!!!! Well these are my favourites for the month. I didn’t get around to doing much in terms of reading/watching movies or tv as I worked a lot but I enjoyed those I did get to read or watch I enjoyed a lot.


  • This is a book that I actually haven’t finished yet but I really enjoy it. It’s a biography about Beatrix Potter by Linda Lear and it’s so interesting to read about her life. There is so much that I didn’t now before. This is my bus/work break book so it’s taking me a bit to finish but I enjoy taking my time to get through it.



  • This is an old favourite that I rediscovered at the beginning of the month. As you might have noticed from my January favourites post, I love musicals and at the beginning of February I randomly stumbled about my Aida soundtrack and ended up listening to it for about two weeks.



  • Around the middle of February the movie Hidden Figures started showing in cinemas here in Germany and it is such a great movie. The story is so interesting and I would definitely recommend the movie.




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