Monthly Favourites: March


  • Currently I am still reading the third book of this trilogy but I really enjoyed the second one. This is one of those surprising cases where I thought the second book was better than the first and it really got me hooked and wanting to continue until the end with the series. The concept is really great as it plays in a world where books can give some people specific powers and of course there is all kinds of stuff going wrong. I am not sure if they have been translated into English yet.

PicMonkey Collage


  • This month I listened to a lot of Ed Sheeran, especially the new CD Divide. My sister was great and got tickets for the concert in Cologne and it was fantastic so the music is constantly playing 🙂



  • There is really just one movie that could be my favourite this month and of course it is the Life action Beauty and the Beast. I love it, so much. I think it is very well done, the cast is fantastic and I like all the little changes that they made.






Of course I have been to Cologne a lot of times as we only live about half an hour out of the city. But I mostly just go into the city to go shopping not to see anything specific. The other weekend we had someone visit us though and as he’d never been to Cologne before we did a bit of sightseeing. We were really lucky and had great weather, it was during our one week of spring/summer time we had so far 😉

First we decided to go up one of the towers in the Kölner Dom. There are a lot of stairs going up and it takes 533 steps to the top. This was only the second time in my life that I went up and both times I was exhausted and needed a couple of breaks – I’m not very fit;).

The view from up there was really great and you could see a lot. Although I don’t have a lot of knowledge about the different things that you can see 😉

Once we were back down we walked past the Heinzelmännchenbrunnen, this fountain tells the story of the Heinzelmännchen. These were little gnome like creatures that helped the people of Cologne by doing some of their work over night. However there was a woman, the tailor’s wife who was too curious and wanted to know who did all the work over night. So she threw peas all over the floor and at night when the Heinzelmännchen came they tripped and fell everywhere making a lot of noise. The tailor’s wife came out to see them right away but after this the Heinzelmännchen never helped the people of Cologne again.

We also walked over the Hohenzollernbridge with all the locks on the side. Similar to so many other bridges around the world people in love come here and close the locks on the bridge. Then they throw the key into the Rhine.  By now there are so many locks that in some areas you can’t really see the oldest ones. Every time I walk over the bridge it seems like there are more. However I also have to say that they get more and more ridiculous and there aren’t a lot of locks that actually look nice if you really look closely.


About a week ago I went on a short day trip up north to Hamburg. My sister wanted to visit a friend and as I didn’t have to work that day I decided to tag along. It is a bit of a drive from Cologne, about 4 hours.

We spend most of the time just walking around and luckily it didn’t start raining until the very end. When we got to the Elbe we walked through the old tunnel which I’ve never done before. The old Elbtunnel, also called St. Pauli Elbtunnel was build in 1911 and is now mostly used by pedestrians. Although it is still possible for card to use the tunnel however it is a one way tunnel, so for part of the day you can go from the north to the south side and for the other half of the day it’s the other way around.

On the way into the tunnel and all along the walls there are a lot of cool reliefs. All the ones inside the tunnel feature cool ocean creatures.

Apparently I can’t go anywhere without either finding ocean life or something book related and on this trip I got both. While walking through the Speicherstadt I found the Tolkien themed Sail boats called J.R.R. Tolkien and Lothlorien. Of course I had to take some photos of them 😉

Now just a few more photos from our walk featuring the underside of a train way, the Speicherstadt and the ‘Michel’ (Sankt Michaelis Church), the most known Church in Hamburg.

February Favourites

February is already over, how did that happen!!!! Well these are my favourites for the month. I didn’t get around to doing much in terms of reading/watching movies or tv as I worked a lot but I enjoyed those I did get to read or watch I enjoyed a lot.


  • This is a book that I actually haven’t finished yet but I really enjoy it. It’s a biography about Beatrix Potter by Linda Lear and it’s so interesting to read about her life. There is so much that I didn’t now before. This is my bus/work break book so it’s taking me a bit to finish but I enjoy taking my time to get through it.



  • This is an old favourite that I rediscovered at the beginning of the month. As you might have noticed from my January favourites post, I love musicals and at the beginning of February I randomly stumbled about my Aida soundtrack and ended up listening to it for about two weeks.



  • Around the middle of February the movie Hidden Figures started showing in cinemas here in Germany and it is such a great movie. The story is so interesting and I would definitely recommend the movie.



Late Winter Wonderland

On the weekend Winter suddenly came back. Waking up on Saturday morning I looked out of the window and everything was white. More snow than we actually had so far this winter. So of course a little walk through the snow was in order. Aside from quite a few Snowmen that were already build I also saw a heron in the field. Sadly the snow really didn’t last very long but while it was there it was quite beautiful.

Monthly Favourites January

When I’m not writing letters or crafting or hanging out with whales I do a lot of more mundane things like reading or watching movies/TV series that I normally don’t talk too much about on this blog. But I kind of feel like adding a little bit of it so this is the start to a series of my favourites for every month.


  • At the very beginning of the month I read this book with the simple title ‘The Disney Book’. I’ve always loved Disney movies and all the music from the movies so this book was really great. Besides some of the background history on how Walt Disney started the studios, how the movies were created and the theme parks there are beautiful images in there. You can just leaf through it without getting bored before actually reading it. That’s what I did after getting the book in december before I had the time to actually pick it up and read the whole thing. It’s not a massive book either, just under 200 pages so perfect if you like Disney.


Music: There are two soundtracks that I have been basically listening to non-stop this month.

  • The School of Rock Musical Soundtrack is fantastic. I haven’t seen the musical but my sister did on her trip to the US in December and bought the CD so I got a chance to listen to it and just became obsessed. I’ve been listening to the songs every time on my way to work and just love the energy of the songs and how well the story is told through the music. Of course I know the movie and have actually watched it a few times. Now I really want to see the Musical though.


  • The other CD is the Moana soundtrack. The Music in this movie is just so beautiful and there is not much more to say to it. I just love every single song in the movie.


TV Series:

  • The second season of Fuller House started on Netflix at the beginning of January and I actually binge watched the whole season over two days or so. Even though it really isn’t the best show it just makes me feel super nostalgic and I love it. I grew up watching Full House on TV and it just makes me super happy to watch this.


  • I’ve also rewatched a lot of Friends this month. Friends will always be one of my favourites, no matter how often I watch the episodes I always love them. I might be another nostalgia thing.


So that’s it, those are all my favourites from January :). What did you read or watch this month that just made you happy?




Hello 2017


Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I hope you all had a great New Years Eve, whether you went out to a fancy Party or just stayed home celebrating with friends and family. I just stayed home with my parents as it’s my Moms Birthday today so we had a little birthday celebration at midnight and the whole evening was a lot of fun (we played a lot of boardgames and time passed very quickly).

In the last years I tried to make some resolutions for the New Year but I am horrible with remembering and following through. The only one I had for 2016 was to read more and I’m happy I did so this will just follow through to 2017. I want to continue reading a lot. Other than that I’m just looking forward to see what 2017 will bring.