Crocheted Shawl

About a month I finally finished this shawl that I had been working on for a good 4-5 months I think. I bought this yarn in Iceland because I loved the colours in it and even started and got through a good portion of it. You might have seen some of my progress photos which I think added to a couple of posts. But then Christmas came around and my main focus (crochet wise) was on the shark socks I made for my sister. After that I needed a little break from crocheting. In January I got back to it though and finally finished my existing project. I didn’t come up with the pattern myself but since it has been so long since I started on this I also can’t remember which website I found the pattern on. This shawl turned out really nice though and it quite warm so it’s perfect for when it gets a little bit cold but I don’t want to put on a big sweater.



DIY Hogwarts Painting

This is another fun little painting I finished this week. Basically I had the canvas lying around in my room for over a year now and wasn’t sure what I wanted to paint on it because of the shape. Around Christmas the idea for this Hogwarts House Crest painting formed and I am really happy with how it turned out. After I had drawn the House Crests I got the idea to also put a Hogwarts silhouette in the background, mainly because I didn’t know what else to do with the background. Doing all the details was a lot harder than I thought it would be with the Acrylic paint but it’s hanging high enough on my wall that the imperfections aren’t that noticeable. This is the full painting…


…and here are just a couple of close ups from the crests.


Look through my Smash Book


If you live in America and are a crafty person you probably know all about these Smash books. I first discovered them about 2-3 years ago and picked one up when I was in America in 2014. I have always loved scrapbooking but have no time anymore to put together a full photo album for everything I do. Plus these photoalbums take up a lot of room. So over the last two years I have been using my Smashbook to put all my little papery keepsakes that I collect on my adventures. Now it is almost full, there are a couple of pages left but I have an idea what to put on most of them so it will be completely full soon enough. I absolutely love the way it looks.


I figured I share with you some of my favourite pages while also remembering all the fun times. Most of them are double pages but some are single like the one on the bottom left from the Harry Potter Exhibition and all my visits to the Zoo.

The pages I made while in Namibia are probably my favourites, there are so many bits on there that some have to be folded out or open up. Otherwise these feature trips to London, Dublin and my most recent one to Britain, visits with friends, Christmas and of course some whales 🙂

Shark Socks


A couple months ago my sister send me a facebook message for something she’d like to get for Christmas from me. Not for me to order but to actually make – crocheted shark socks!!!! My first thought was ‘how am I supposed to make these’ since I’ve never crocheted socks before…. At that point I was still in Iceland so I thought I’ll wait until I get back to Germany and try to figure it out then.

Eventually I got back to Germany and still had no clue but was determined to try. Around the beginning of December I finally had the yarn and thanks to my mum a little booklet on how to crochet socks. Without that I would have been lost. It still took me until the night of December 23rd to finish the pair of socks but it actually turned out quite nice, not perfect but I’m so happy with the result. The best thing though was my sisters face when she opened the box as she didn’t expect me to actually make them.


Icelandic Triangles

Recently I’ve been having a few more days of and was wondering what I can do with all these paper bits I collected from brochures about Iceland. I’ve been seriously wanting to do some more crafting again, and as I also wanted something to add to a small birthday package for a friend, so I came up with a little Iceland inspired bunting. Even if the triangles aren’t lying completely flat i am quite pleased with the way it turned out.


Since I have a lot of paper bits with pretty images of Iceland I decided to also make some more letter writing paper (that I will only use one side of). These are showing of some more pretty icelandic landscapes that should really convince everyone that they want to come to Iceland 😉


On a completely different note I also started a crochet project because I could not walk past this beautiful yarn. The photo doesn’t do the colours complete justice. I hope this will eventually turn into something like a triangle scarf/wrap to wear. I found the instructions for that pattern online on blog Mrs-Postcard. It is a german blog with lots of knitting and crocheting things and a few free patterns which I am always happy to find. Don’t get confused by the name of the blog, it doesn’t have anything to do with snail mail as far as I can tell… and it also seems like it is not actually used anymore…


DIY: Letter writing paper


IMG_7919Like every other person in the snail mail community I love stationary and letter sets. But I’m in Iceland at the moment where everything is more expansive and I just don’t feel like spending that much money on new stationary. As of last saturday though I run out of the sheets of paper I brought with me from home.So Instead I bought some plain paper and went to work making it pretty. Of course as always it resulted in quite a bit of chaos but it was fun. I’m quite pleased with results 🙂 I tried to make different themes and stick to them for the back and front with three papers per theme.


DIY Disney shoes

So this is something I’ve been doing in March/April this year. As it so often happens I got inspired by seeing something somewhere on the internet and thought ‘hey, I should be able to make that’… I can’t remember where I saw the photo, unlike most of the crafty population of this world I don’t use pinterest and that makes it a bit hard sometimes to keep track of where things I saw came from.

But I saw these hand painted Disney shoes and since I love Disney movies (I’ll forever be a kid in my heart who loves watching them), I wanted to try making some my self. If you’ve followed my blog for a while you know I love to paint so it wasn’t that weird of a thought. Luckily I found some plain white shoes at the store I was working for and got them super cheap. My thinking was that if i mess it up at least I wouldn’t have spend too much on the attempt. The harder thing was deciding on which Disney movie to paint. A lot of my favourites have humans as main characters and since faces and hands  aren’t my strong points I finally decided on making a pair of Tarzan shoes for my self. Halfway through that my sister saw them and wanted some herself. She decided on her favourite Disney movie: Nemo.



As you can see of course I drew everyting on in pencil first before starting with the painting. Though it wasn’t really possible to erase the pencil it did help making sure that I had the placing of the characters right. I’m really happy with how they turned out. Maybe I’ll make some more in the future, there’s still so many fantastic Disney movies like ‘The Lion King’, ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Any way all you need is white shoes, acrylic paint and a fixating spray so that the colour stays on. I’ve worn mine a few times and so far nothing happened to them (even in rain).