Monthly Favourites: March


  • Currently I am still reading the third book of this trilogy but I really enjoyed the second one. This is one of those surprising cases where I thought the second book was better than the first and it really got me hooked and wanting to continue until the end with the series. The concept is really great as it plays in a world where books can give some people specific powers and of course there is all kinds of stuff going wrong. I am not sure if they have been translated into English yet.

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  • This month I listened to a lot of Ed Sheeran, especially the new CD Divide. My sister was great and got tickets for the concert in Cologne and it was fantastic so the music is constantly playing 🙂



  • There is really just one movie that could be my favourite this month and of course it is the Life action Beauty and the Beast. I love it, so much. I think it is very well done, the cast is fantastic and I like all the little changes that they made.




February Favourites

February is already over, how did that happen!!!! Well these are my favourites for the month. I didn’t get around to doing much in terms of reading/watching movies or tv as I worked a lot but I enjoyed those I did get to read or watch I enjoyed a lot.


  • This is a book that I actually haven’t finished yet but I really enjoy it. It’s a biography about Beatrix Potter by Linda Lear and it’s so interesting to read about her life. There is so much that I didn’t now before. This is my bus/work break book so it’s taking me a bit to finish but I enjoy taking my time to get through it.



  • This is an old favourite that I rediscovered at the beginning of the month. As you might have noticed from my January favourites post, I love musicals and at the beginning of February I randomly stumbled about my Aida soundtrack and ended up listening to it for about two weeks.



  • Around the middle of February the movie Hidden Figures started showing in cinemas here in Germany and it is such a great movie. The story is so interesting and I would definitely recommend the movie.