Stamp envy: UK

Here’s the thing, I love postal stamps, all the different designs and shapes and how creative they are. So yes I get stamp envy, not about the stamps other people get on their mail although that sometimes is the case. No it’s about the pretty stamps other countries release and not being in those countries to buy and use them. So I decided that I might start a little series of blog posts on this because there are so many and I personally like to torture myself with looking at them knowing I can not buy them because of being in the wrong country, the post offices not sending stamps internationally or me just not willing to pay for the shipping costs that would entail.

The first country as you can see from the title will be the UK. Just in the last three or four years they have released so many beautiful gorgeous stamps and every time I read about new ones I just want to have them all 😀

So I’ll try to sort them by year from most recent to oldest 🙂 The ones I really love are the Beatrix Potter ones because I just love all her illustrations and seeing them just brings back so fond memories of my childhood. It was reading about these cool new Agatha Christie stamps though that sparked the idea to writing this post. I read this article on how there are hidden clues in the stamps and it is just such a cool idea. There is still a little hope that maybe one day (or in a couple of months when I’m back in Germany) I get one of these stamps on a postcrossing card 🙂

The stamps the Royal Mail released in 2015 were equally beautiful and included the amazing Alice in Wonderland stamps. In that case I was fortunate enough to not only get one of the stamps through postcrossing but have it arrive on a matching postcard. One of the ones I will always treasure. The postcards the Royal Mail always has matching the stamps are also something that spark my stamp/postcard envy.

Following now a few stamps that were released in 2014/2013 that I adore even though I have only ever seen them on the internet. I’m a Marine Biologist so how could I not love the fish stamps… The Jane Austen stamps are fantastic, not just because I love the books but just look at those designs!!!! During University a friend introduced me to Doctor Who and while I have to admit that I’ve only watched the newer seasons, I  adore them and think those stamps are just amazing.

So I hope you guys enjoyed looking at all theses beautiful stamps that, unless you are british (then yay I’m glad for you :)), you might feel like me and also just admire from a far.


Happy Mailbox

This is just a short snail mail update. Yesterday I got two beautiful letters in the mail. Both of them are absolutely fantastic and both of them are from penpals in the USA.  I had to pair the letter from Keely with my new book (Meeting with Monsters – An illustrated Guide to the Beasts of Iceland), I love the illustrations in it and have a feeling she would appreciate them too :). I also managed to get a few used Icelandic stamps from the office and I love them. I need someone in Iceland to send me letters so that I can get all the pretty inland stamps. Now I can’t wait until I have my days off again so that I can start on some replies.

Catching up on my snailmail

At the moment I am really bad with keeping my snail mail posts up to date so this post includes a letter that arrived at the beginning of september and a postcard that was send at least a week if not more ago. Also a snail mail supply haul that happened a couple weeks ago. I’m blaming work and the whales 😀 Anything else though is from the last couple of days though.

First of all my new snail mail supplies, I actually went to the store because I needed a birthday card. Of course I left with a few more things, as I saw these cute labels and stickers that totally fit to some of the tapes and stickers I already have. The vintage kind of travel themed die-cuts were too fantastic not to walk past. I just love everything travel themed (no surprise there).


My mail box has been a little bit lonely in the last weeks, I only got two letters and one postcard. I’ve been thinking about all my pen pals recently and it seems that either some of my letters must have gotten lost along the way or some of my pen pals were very busy this summer since I haven’t heard from them for a few months now. Maybe I have to send them a note. What to you guys usually do when you don’t hear from a pen pal for a while that you would have usually hear of every month? Do you just ignore it or do you try to contact them? Anyway following now are a letter from Ireland, one from Germany and a postcard from St. Petersburg. I really love both envelopes, they are just so creative.

The following Puffin postcard travelled to Italy and might have already arrived since it was send a little while ago. The letter is going off to Ireland tomorrow and will hopefully get there soon.