Monthly Favourites January

When I’m not writing letters or crafting or hanging out with whales I do a lot of more mundane things like reading or watching movies/TV series that I normally don’t talk too much about on this blog. But I kind of feel like adding a little bit of it so this is the start to a series of my favourites for every month.


  • At the very beginning of the month I read this book with the simple title ‘The Disney Book’. I’ve always loved Disney movies and all the music from the movies so this book was really great. Besides some of the background history on how Walt Disney started the studios, how the movies were created and the theme parks there are beautiful images in there. You can just leaf through it without getting bored before actually reading it. That’s what I did after getting the book in december before I had the time to actually pick it up and read the whole thing. It’s not a massive book either, just under 200 pages so perfect if you like Disney.


Music: There are two soundtracks that I have been basically listening to non-stop this month.

  • The School of Rock Musical Soundtrack is fantastic. I haven’t seen the musical but my sister did on her trip to the US in December and bought the CD so I got a chance to listen to it and just became obsessed. I’ve been listening to the songs every time on my way to work and just love the energy of the songs and how well the story is told through the music. Of course I know the movie and have actually watched it a few times. Now I really want to see the Musical though.


  • The other CD is the Moana soundtrack. The Music in this movie is just so beautiful and there is not much more to say to it. I just love every single song in the movie.


TV Series:

  • The second season of Fuller House started on Netflix at the beginning of January and I actually binge watched the whole season over two days or so. Even though it really isn’t the best show it just makes me feel super nostalgic and I love it. I grew up watching Full House on TV and it just makes me super happy to watch this.


  • I’ve also rewatched a lot of Friends this month. Friends will always be one of my favourites, no matter how often I watch the episodes I always love them. I might be another nostalgia thing.


So that’s it, those are all my favourites from January :). What did you read or watch this month that just made you happy?





Send off into the World

This week I was finally able to reply and send some of the letters that I had for far to long. Two of these are normal replies and the third is a birthday present. I just loved this big bookish envelope to not reuse it and I think it looks definitely a lot more interesting than just the plain old white one that it covers. Hopefully all of these will reach their destination soon. I have to more letters to reply to and I hope to do so over the weekend.

Halfbloodprints Monthly Subscription

Hey everyone, as you might have noticed I got sucked into the world of subscription boxes and am actually trying out a few different ones that seem really cool. This one is like an art subscription and includes a print, a bookmark, a magnet and a sticker each month. You can also get a version that includes a shirt but of course that is a little bit more expansive. I actually decided to try this out in November because for November it was Lord of the Rings themed. Sadly I didn’t figure out until sometime in December that I was actually too late for the November one. But I got over it. The theme for December was Sherlock and pretty cool as well. It arrived in this beautiful bookish envelope but everything inside was actually packaged in cardbord again. I really  enjoyed everything that was included even though I am not the biggest Sherlock fan. I’ve only read one book,  watched the movie and a couple of the tv series episode. The sticker was like a little calender so it could actually be included in a planner/journal or notebook. The quotes and design on the print and the bookmark are pretty nice as well.

I got a three month subscription and I’m hoping that january and february will be themes I like as well. Oh and if you were wondering I did buy it myself

DIY Hogwarts Painting

This is another fun little painting I finished this week. Basically I had the canvas lying around in my room for over a year now and wasn’t sure what I wanted to paint on it because of the shape. Around Christmas the idea for this Hogwarts House Crest painting formed and I am really happy with how it turned out. After I had drawn the House Crests I got the idea to also put a Hogwarts silhouette in the background, mainly because I didn’t know what else to do with the background. Doing all the details was a lot harder than I thought it would be with the Acrylic paint but it’s hanging high enough on my wall that the imperfections aren’t that noticeable. This is the full painting…


…and here are just a couple of close ups from the crests.


First Postcrossings of 2017

So far 2017 hasn’t been to good for in terms of snail mail. Even though I have about 5 letters to write I haven’t really felt like sitting down and actually writing them, but I’m hoping to write one or two over the weekend.

A couple days ago I did write a few postcrossing cards which was a lot of fun as always. These cards went to Germany, USA, Portugal, Netherlands and the Czech Republic. The envelope went to a postcrosser in Germany as I had a couple of cards from her wishlist and couldn’t decide so I send both as well as some old giftcards (as she mentioned that she collects those). I just put all the cards in the mailbox yesterday afternoon and surprisingly the letter to Germany already arrived. It’s surprising how quick mail within Germany can be sometimes. For some reason I had received two cards more than I send but in am now back to the same numbers on each.  I’m looking forward to seeing some new postcrossing cards in a couple of weeks.


Hello 2017


Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I hope you all had a great New Years Eve, whether you went out to a fancy Party or just stayed home celebrating with friends and family. I just stayed home with my parents as it’s my Moms Birthday today so we had a little birthday celebration at midnight and the whole evening was a lot of fun (we played a lot of boardgames and time passed very quickly).

In the last years I tried to make some resolutions for the New Year but I am horrible with remembering and following through. The only one I had for 2016 was to read more and I’m happy I did so this will just follow through to 2017. I want to continue reading a lot. Other than that I’m just looking forward to see what 2017 will bring.