Crafting the weekend away

First up (well they were kind of first and last and in between since I made them over the whole weekend) are these little dreamcatchers. I kind of got carried away a little and ended up making six even though I didn’t even need one. But I had all the stuff lying around and felt like making them. Now I have to figure out who to give them to 🙂


I also got inspired by all of Emma’s  (from Puddlesidemusings) DIY upcycle projects and decided to use some pretty decopaper I had lying around to make my boring black box, where I keep some paperbits for mail art, a little more interesting. I always thought that we didin’t have Modge Podge glue in Germany but figures, I was wrong and my mom actually had some.

The next thing I did was make some more table sets. These are a birthday present for one of my friends who plays a couple of different instruments likes music so this fabric seemed fitting :).


I made a couple more things as I took part in the Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt (organised by Fab from SnailMailLove) but you’ll have to wait a bit longer (until reveal day when we are allowed to show what we send and received) to see them.


Crochet coil baskets

I made these little baskets a while ago, well actually one was made in October and the other one in January but so far I hadn’t gotten around to taking photos of them. Like with most other craft projects in my life at the moment I got the idea from a blog. In this case it was my poppet makes , a fun blog with lots of creative things to explore. As soon as I saw this I wanted to make some rainbow baskets myself and went in search of old t-shirts to cut up and make the coil from. The start for these is very tricky for me (although it looks so simply it always takes me like ten attempts to get it right). I’m actually planning on making a couple more with a dark blue coil and a different but also colourful yarn but the last time I sat down to make them I just couldn’t get the beginning right. The bottom circle just didn’t stay flat, so I got frustrated and decided to leave that for another time. But anyway here are a couple pictures of the two I did manage to get right 🙂

Putting some creativity into snailmail

I don’t know about you guys but I have a couple of penpals that live in countries where the mail tends to take about 3-4 weeks to get to. I love all my penpals the same and tend to put some effort into the letters but I feel like if the mail travels so much longer, resulting in less letter exchanges over the year then some of the letters should be extra special. So for this letter to Indonesia I tried making a little mail folder. I’m quite pleased with the result and think there will be a few more of these in the future 🙂

All of my postcrossing card writing at the beginning of the month paid of and there have been a couple of nice postcards coming my way throughout the last week. My favourite one has to be the Hobbit one 🙂 but I really like the manatee one as well. The manatee one from America is also the one that had all the fantastic stamps on the back of it. There is even a Harry Potter Stamp, so cool. Love the tiger and penguins too. So my last week brought me both news from Middle earth and from Hogwarts

Making Bookmarks

Since the beginning of this year I’ve been reading again quite a lot. Really taking time to enjoy books which I somehow neglected the last couple of years. Some of my penpals are enthusiastic book readers as well, so I decided to make some bookmarks. It’s fun to come up with little designs and to make quick aquarell paintings. As we have a laminating maschine I wanted to laminate the bookmarks to protect them a bit more. Unfortunately that didn’t work as good as I hoped. The aquarell paper doesn’t seem to be good for laminating, the colours didn’t come through as they originally were and stayed a bit milky. But I’m still quite pleased with the result.

Happy days for my mail box

It is time for another incoming and outgoing update of all the interesting snail mail that has so far happened in february. I’ve got quite a few letters and postcards so far and since I attempted and (failed) to write something everyday for Month of letters there are quite a few send pieces as well. So enjoy the beauty that is Snail mail 🙂

First of these are the incoming letters and postcards I got in February so far, including some lovely letters (and look at those stamps!!!!) from America and my first ever postcrossing card from Malaysia. The letters from my penpals are amazing as always 🙂

Now these are all the letters I wrote so far in February. The envelope on the bottom right is a birthday gift for a penpal and since I had to use one of those bigger padded envelopes it doesn’t look as nice, it was very hard to decorate. from experience I know that washi tape (or at least some them) don’t stick very well to these so I used some of my National Geographic stickers to make it a bit prettier.

Lastly a couple of postcrossing cards I send. With postcrossing cards I often forget to take photos before I send them of as I sometimes get too excited and write them just before going to a postbox and then they are gone before I think of photos. There were I think at least 2 or three more postcards (the stamps on the third belong to postcards where I forgot to take a picture of the front…ups).


Lastly I also got some other things in the mail such as my stamp order with lots of great new stamps and an amazing Jane Austen inspired necklace from an etsy shop called Authored Adornments. I love the necklace so much that I just have to show it off here as well 🙂 It has a quote from Persuasion on it.

London – part three

The third and last day we spend in London was actually only half a day as we had to start making our way back to the airport around three. As the weather forecast wasn’t to good we decided to do something inside. My sister is not a fan of museums so unfortunately those were all out. Instead we went to Shrek’s Adventure London (we had bought a combi ticket together with our Madame Tussauds ticket, so it was a bit cheaper). Although we had seen the flyer about it and I read through it, I still didn’t really know what it would be like. It’s mostly directed towards children and they are usually the ones that are more incorporated. But if you’ve seen the movies (and know in your heart you’re still a child), it’s quite fun. Anyway so what is happening at Shrek’s Adventure. You are in a group of 30-40 people (when you buy your tickets they are for a specific time) and go on a tour to Far far Away. During a 4D Busride with Donkey you crash and accidently kill one of Rumpelstilzchen witches (Uuups). Now Rumpelstilzchen is pretty mad at all of you and as a group you have to find Shrek to save you. During this you get led from one location to the next and meet quite a lot of the different characters. I’m not sure if this description makes any sense but oh well that’s just the way it is 😀

Then we just went walking around London a bit more to see Piccadily Circus and I also finally figured out why everyone in Britain loves Paperchase so much. It is a great store and I really had to tell myself not to buy everything. Though I already regret not getting a few of the things I saw… We also ended up walking past Buckingham Palace (actually one of the few things about London I remembered from like 20 years ago). Now what really surprised me was that the guards didn’t wear red coats but grey ones. Anyone has any clue why that could be? Is it a Sunday thing? Do they only wear the red coats when it’s the changing of the guard? Are the grey ones for winter?


So now all that’s left is to share with you all the amazing souvenirs I bought. Some might say that I went a bit overboard, but who knows when I’ll ever be back at the Harry Potter Studios (because really the souvenirs are totally HP dominated). I did buy a couple of London postcards and postcards from paperchase but just realised that I did not take any pictures and now part of them is already on the way around the world to penpals.

You can never have to many envelopes

Right? At least that is what I try to tell myself since I spend the last couple of days making even more. After I came back from New Zealand my parents figured out that I started making my own envelopes and now I always end up with old calenders and most recently old maps they no longer need. Now I’ve got about 30-40 new envelopes and tell myself that that is totally okay and not too much at all. It’s not like I didn’t have heaps of envelopes made already ;). If you’ve never tried making your own envelopes (you really should, it is a lot of fun), it is super easy. Of course there are fancy envelope templets you can buys. Or you can just do what I did 2 1/2 years ago, use a boring white envelope and carefully take it apart at the glued sides. I’m still using the same white envelope now to make my pretty map envelopes. (You can see a part of it in the middle picture). So if you can’t figure out what to do with those old calenders that have such beautiful photos or pictures, or those cool maps that unfortunately are outdated (or you picked up at a travel fair and they are of countries you’ll probably won’t be visiting for the next few years), but you also can’t just throw them away (welcome to my world) –> Turn them into envelopes and make your mail a little bit happier 🙂