Postcrossing update

Its been so nice to be able to participate in postcrossing again. It truly is one of my favourite things to do (if I have lots of money for stamps that is). Since I send the first batch right after coming home and another one after the first ones arrived I’d been lucky to receive quite a few back over the last week or so.

First a few more outgoings that were send last week as I just realised that I haven’t posted them yet. The letters are going to France and Poland and again those two had a bit of a Halloween theme going. The pile on the last picture is that second batch of postcrossing cards I mentioned, half of these arrived already.




Now for my incoming cards, there were quite a few amazing ones. I was surprised though that there was only one that came from Germany. Instead I received 2 from Finland, 2 from the UK, 1 from France and 1 from Russia. The one from Germany was from a finish person currently staying here as well. The finish postcrossers must be very active at the moment.

Left 2 Finland, top right France, top left Germany

Now these ones were my favourites from the received ones.

Swap from NZ, I send her a card from Iceland before I left and was excited that she had a Hobbit maxicard left. I absolutely love these cards and bought them myself while I was there, sending a few through postcrossing and keeping some for my self.
Peter Rabbit card. I love all the Beatrix Potter stories and this is the first one I got (though I do have the postcard box as well, its nice to get a card thats written and stamped and had to travel a bit to get to me)
This card made me so happy. First I adore those british stamp postcards, second its an Alice card and third the sender used the same stamp 🙂
This one from Russia came today and even if I don’t know the artist/designer of the card I love how colourful it is and all the little details (the person on the flower has a bird in its hand which has a letter in its beak)

Now lastly my favourite stamps from the incoming postcards. Curiously the finish and NZ ones managed to find its way to me without getting a postmark. IMG_2990


The Versatile Blogger Award


How exciting is this?!?!?! Emma over at Puddle Side Musings nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award (and yes I wasn’t sure at first what it was all about but now I love the Idea of it). Thank you and I love your blog as well (if it would make any sense to nominate you in return I would but it doesn’t so I just leave it like that). For anyone who is reading this and doesn’t know Puddle Side Musings you should totally check it out. Its a great blog about Stationary, lots of fun crafty DIY projects, Snail mail and Planners.

So the rules are really quite simple:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and of course include a link to their blog (to share the awesomeness that is their blog)
  2. Nominate 15 blogs of your choice for the Award and link them to your post
  3. Share 7 facts about yourself

Okay so here are the 15 blogs I nominate:

  1. The Snail Mail – awesome postcrossing blog with lots of pretty, interesting, sometimes weird postcards and great stamps that come with those
  2. JadeyBirdCrochet – lots of fantastic crocheting projects to swoon over
  3. SarrTrek – great mix of stunning photography, nature, snail mail, museums and lots of other bits in between
  4. Dear Detective – stamps (the crafts kind), art and snail mail
  5. Sleepy Coffee and Fables – photography, art and lots of inspiration
  6. Em’s Den – lots and lots of pretty snail mail
  7. YARNutopia – a great blog I just found that also has some fantastic crocheting tutorials
  8. Griperang’s Bookmarks – books, looots of great book reviews where I’ve found quite a few that are now on my to-read list
  9. Sparklegirl – great blog with a mix of recipes, crafty inspirations and other cool bits an pieces
  10. Mail Adventures – mail art, stamps and other things postal related things
  11. Writing my way around the globe – Another great blog about postcrossings and letters
  12. Lola’s Writing Place – Postcards, Letters and lots of pretty writing paper where these are written on
  13. Snails and Trains – Travelling and Snail mail, perfect combination
  14. In a Creative Bubble – Photography, Stationary and lots of Inspiration
  15. This little gremlin – Snail mail shown through lots of beautifully arranged photography

Wow I was pretty sure that I would have trouble figuring out 15 blogs to nominate but there actually could be quite a few more that are awesome as well. I guess these are the ones I read most often at the moment.

Anyway on to the facts about myself:

  1. I’m useless when it comes to technology but can’t live without my laptop, if anything is not working the way it should I’ll google the hell out of it
  2. Sometimes I wish I lived in the Regency period (and yes I just had to google which time period Jane Austen lived in and where her books are set) just so that I could wear those pretty clothes
  3. At other times I wish I could live in middle earth to wear all the pretty dresses from there and have fun in the Shire
  4. The Ocean is my favourite place in the world (this world we love on, if I could include all the fantastic worlds I read about in books I’d never be able to decide).
  5. I have read/listened/watched all the Harry Potter books/audio books/movies more times than I can count. (Actually watching ‘the chamber of secrets’ while typing this)
  6. It’s very hard for me to go to Knauber (a german store that is kind of a home improvement store but has a great crafty/artsy section) and leave again without buying anything
  7. Hate the fact that passports expire after six years and I have to start my collection of visas and country entrance/departure stamps again every six years

First send mail since coming back to Germany

I’ve been working hard on replying to all the letters I got in the week or two before coming home. Though I started almost the day after getting back I still have two letters that still need replies. After the first letter I replied to last weekend I did still feel like writing but didn’t have enough motivation for another full letter so instead I got back to Postcrossing (YAY, finally. Missed it so much in Iceland). The following are the cards send and the letters written and now send as well (though I might have forgotten to fotograph one or two). They all got a Halloween theme since Halloween is here soon 🙂 Obviously my brain wasn’t working very well even two days after coming back home as I put too much postage on some of my cards, uups. Well better too much than not enough, right 😉

To a penpal in Russia
To a penpal in Russia



Some of the stamps I used on my postcrossings :)
Some of the stamps I used on my postcrossings 🙂
Love the Asterix stamps
Love the Asterix stamps
To a penpal in the States
To a penpal in the States
To a penpal in Canada
To a penpal in Canada

Recent DIY’s

Since I got back I was reunited with my sewing maschine (YAY) and of course that means that after 4 1/2 months of no sewing I had to make something. The first thing I did was a bag for my new cellphone since it wouldn’t fit into my old cellphone bag. I kind of improvised and modelled it a bit after my ebook reader cover. Though it isn’t perfect I’m super happy with it. Since then I also made another one for a friend of my sisters :).


The other thing I just made today is a cover for my camera strap. I found great instructions on the blog moda bake shop. The step by step instructions were great and it was quite an easy project. Though I tried to do the quilted look for the first time and to be honest not all of my lines were completely straight. But you can hardly notice it. I might do a few more in the future just to be able to switch it up every now and then.


Iceland’s ‘Golden Circle’ Tour

The Golden Circle is kind of those few things that everyone goes to see when they come to Reykjavik. It even gets advertised as the classic tour. Since I had four days in Reykjavik before flying back home this was of course one of the things I wanted to do as well. It would have been a bit weird to spend 4 1/2 months in Iceland without seeing those classic tourist attractions. I went with one of those bigger bus tours, usually I don’t like them that much but as I didn’t have a car (and it actually snowed the night before, there was even a bit of snow in Reykjavik), it was a good decision.

The first stop was at Thingvellir Nationalpark. It is part of area where the tectonic plates of North America and Eurasia are moving apart, which creates quite a lot of fissures in the earth. There is one quite big one on the edge of the American plate where they build a Visiting Center for the Park and a Viewing platform as there is also quite a big lake (Lake Thingvillavatn).



From then on we drove further towards one of Iceland’s most known waterfalls: Gullfoss – the golden waterfall, although no-one knows anymore why its called golden. There are a few different theories one being that its from the golden evening hue of the water while another says that a farmer living in the area couldn’t bear the though of anyone else possessing all his gold so he put it all in a box and threw it in the waterfall. Its actually two waterfalls together but it is quite impressive. When I was there the weather wasn’t to nice so I didn’t get to see the rainbow that you can often see in the spray from it.


After this we went on to the last big stop, the geothermal region in Haukadalur where quite a few geysers can be found. This is actually where the one Geysir is situated that all other Geysers are named after (its name is actually Geysir). Unfortunately that one has been dormant for several decades now. But there is another one called Strokkur that still erupts every 6-7 minutes or so and is quite impressive.




Pile of mail

Its official, I’m back in Germany… actually I got back yesterday but even though the actual flight was only about 3 hours the fact that it was in the middle of the night just made for a hell of a long day and I wasn’t much used after the first half of the day yesterday.

But anyway now I’m back my brain is working again and I had this awesome pile of incoming mail waiting for me!!! Isn’t it fantastic. I think there’s a letter from every one of my current penpals in there and I can’t wait to read them all. The envelope that is decorated with the amazing drawing of the Emerald City is a response to a mail art I send to Eva for her OZ Postcard project. If you go to the link you can see a close up of the beautiful envelope. I’m a big fan of the World of Oz, especially the book and musical Wicked, so when I saw her project I knew I had to make something, if you want to see the card I made you can check it out here. Its not perfect but I was happy since it was the first time I tried my hand at collage/different mediums mail art.



These stamps deserved a close up, aren’t they all just fantastic?!?! Of course I love the whale and seals but the other ones are amazing as well. The design of the spanish Europa 2015 stamps is really nice in my opinion.


So now I have lots to read and can’t wait to start working on replies soon. It might take me a few days to get a reply out to everyone but it’ll be nice to take the time and write about my last Iceland adventures. There will also be a couple of posts about those last adventures in the next few days as I found a truly amazing place (well not found as in newly discovered, but found as in I’m so glad I went to this place that thousands of other people have already seen before) in Iceland that just has to be shared!