Current selfmade projects

I actually haven’t been able to be very crafty/creative in the last few weeks since I started working a casual job while I’m at home and I ended up working quite a bit (which is good, don’t get me wrong… I’m just super tired most days on my off days).

But I did finally finish my second ‘Hobbit’ Book cover painting that I made for myself. One day I’ll hopefully be able to put it up on a wall together with my other Middle Earth treasures šŸ™‚


Since mid october I have also been working on a new crochting project. It’s a bit slow going at the moment, but I am halfway through my yarn so I’m getting there. In the end it’ll hopefully turn into a kind of cardigan like the one I saw over on JadeyBirdCrochet. Right now its more of children sized but thankfully it is not very cold yet so I still have time to get it done in time for winter to get here (or at least before winter is over).



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